Lost and Found Centre.
We save you time & money. We eliminate the sting of stress

Fast & Easy

Do you have a mobile phone? If so, all you need to send us an SMS and we will reply immediately telling you whether we have your item or not. We could also courier your item to you at a small fee, which you pay via MPESA! See, we make it easy for you, no stress!

No strings attached

Create an account on our web application or download our mobile app and get interacting with us. You can report lost items using the apps, and you can use the apps to search our records.

We got your back

We are a nationalwide organisation, so, we are where you are. Request a delivery to your door and you can consider it done. Again, it's all hassle free.

100% Secure

We use top notch data protection mechanisms are sure to verify everything using our tried and tested methods. This is how we are able to reunite lost and found items to their rightful owners.

Let’s change
our country together

Replacing a lost document is a lengthy process. It costs time and money, and stressfull to say the least. Relevant government dockets waste time and valuable resources replacing documents, storing lost vehicles and persons. Recovery, replacement, is far from a pleasant experience. We are changing all that with technology.

There is a level of integrity required on everyone to make this a success. If you find a lost document, call us, email us, etc to collect it, or bring it to us. We will do the rest. If you have lost a document, or a commodity such as a car, check with us. We might just have it. Let us be our borther's and sister's keeper. Change begins with you and me!

Our progress in a nutshell

Our collection centres are IT-enabled

We collect credentials such as title deeds, ID cards, passports, degree certificates, etc. We immediately upload these into our online systems. You're then able to query our information system to check whether we are in possession of your valuable document. Sorted!

Vehicles and Persons

We work with security organs such as the police and registrar of motor vehicles, and office of demographic data. We have a track recorded of reuniting lost, stolen and found vehicles with their rightful owners, not once, not twice..but over 300 times. All because we care!

Empowering the youth

Most of the time our issues are not what we don't have, or we what we do not know, it is what we do with what we have. Our youth empowerment programme is geared to instilling vocational skills, but also teasing out the answer to the question - what do I want to do with my skills?


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